A warm and fertile land with Carcare-colored nuances

On the warm badlands of the ancient Grecanic area, in the precious village of Palizzi, we produce wine and olive oil with a respectful approach to the land and its rhythms. In our small company, the soul of Filippo Brancati, Pippo, as his friends called him, is preserved; every day we work to maintain his ancestral bond with the territory, to improve ourselves and to tell the character and beauty of Calabria.

Our vines are cultivated and harvested exclusively by hand and grow on “Carcare” colored clays in terraced hills overlooking the southern side of the Ionian coast. The air comes from the sea and blows with a gentle tone making our work more pleasant, the summer sun and the rains concentrated between autumn and winter, are decisive in defining the personality of our wines.



Cultivating while
respecting the Earth

Guided by a deep respect for nature and aware of how our choices can affect the relationship with the environment, since 2016 we have been taking care of our vineyards and olive grove following the principles of organic agriculture.

Here in Calabria, viticulture has very ancient origins; civilizations were already dedicated to it in a rudimentary way when the Greeks landed on the coasts (in 744 BC), who promoted a more evolved viticulture, recognizing the fertility of the territory and its vocation for wine production. Today our land is continuously evolving, and we too look to the future trying to keep its ancient origins alive. The doors of the Winery are always open to share our work together!