Our winery has had the pleasure of participating in significant wine events, including Vinitaly, one of the most renowned wine expos in the world. Our presence at these gatherings demonstrates our commitment to sharing our products with a broad audience and establishing connections within the wine industry. Taking part in events like Vinitaly provides us with a unique opportunity to showcase our wines to an audience consisting of both enthusiasts and industry professionals. This allows us to strengthen our position and open new doors for the export and dissemination of Italian wine culture.

Awards and Recognitions

Cantina Filippo Brancati stands out in the world of wine thanks to a series of significant recognitions: our products have received numerous awards and honors, confirming their prominent position in the international wine scene. Among the most prestigious recognitions are those obtained from the renowned guide “Gambero Rosso,” one of the most authoritative and respected in the wine industry. Furthermore, our winery has been awarded the “Premio 4 Viti” (4 Vines Award) by AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier), reserved for winemakers who excel in winemaking craftsmanship and the constant pursuit of oenological perfection. These important accolades attest to our unwavering commitment to quality, tradition, and passion in the art of winemaking and are a source of pride for Cantina Filippo Brancati.

“BEREBENE” and the best wine shops in Italy
We are pleased to announce that our Carcare Rosa 2020 has received the “Premio Qualità Prezzo” (Quality-Price Award) for Berebene 2023.

We are pleased to announce that our wines have been selected for the Vini D’Italia 2023 guide. Carcare Bianco 2020 has been awarded two red glasses.

We have been awarded FOUR VINES

We are delighted to announce that our Carcare Rosso 2020 has received the highest recognition in the ninth edition of Vitae La Guida Vini 2023, published by the Italian Sommelier Association.

“VINI RARI 2020”
We are pleased to announce that our Carcare Bianco 2020 has been included in the list of Rare Wines.