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Cantina Brancati Filippo is born on the warm hills of the ancient Grecan area in Palizzi (RC) and produces a selected number of bottles, characterized by a refined taste strongly tied to the territory.

In this small company, the heart and soul of a man are condensed: Filippo Brancati, known as Pippo by his friends. Born in Calabria but having spent most of his life in Veneto where he pursued his entrepreneurial career, Pippo never severed his ancestral connection to his soul’s homeland. It all began 40 years ago with a love story. Pippo and Nadia, who met at a wedding in Palizzi, were able to blend profoundly different skills into their everyday life with courage and passion: the entrepreneurial farming background of Veneto and the magical and wild land of Calabria, home to great beauty and ancient cultures. Through the Cantina, wine production became synonymous with family, celebration, friendship, food, further strengthening their emotional bond with the territory. Pippo’s enduring love for his land, always a driving force, compelled him to care for his surroundings, cultivating the harmony of the landscape and promoting a new ecologically friendly way of producing wine.

His passion, the marvelous vineyards facing the sea, and the use of cutting-edge equipment immediately contributed to achieving excellent initial results. This was followed by the first bottlings and experiments. Pippo made the winery available to the Cooperativa Terre Grecaniche for wine production, thus initiating a promising and mutually beneficial collaboration. Cantina Brancati began producing “Carcare,” a name derived from the location where the vineyards grow and where, until the last century, lime was produced. In 2016, thanks to a production guided by a deep respect for nature and the territory, a commitment to beauty, and a focus on long-term sustainability, the winery obtained organic certification for the entire production process, from grape cultivation to bottling. Cantina Brancati has always revolved around the Family and the great love that the children Marika and Massimo and wife Nadia have always had for Calabria and Palizzi. After Pippo’s passing in September 2020, it is the family that takes up the mantle, becoming the driving force behind this beautiful adventure and fulfilling Pippo’s desire to promote the beauty and typical flavors of his land. Their dream? To produce quality wines and export them worldwide.

As is often the case in Calabria, passion leads to significant achievements in this sector, serving as the driving force behind undeniable quality at truly surprising prices. It’s a family that is not only deeply connected to the territory but also takes great care of it by placing a strong emphasis on organic practices and showing immense respect for the vineyards with minimal and essential interventions. I began following and testing this company in 2019, but it was in the spring of 2021 that I decided to feature their wines on our platform because I find them truly unique and deeply rooted in their territory, speaking and singing one melody: CALABRIA!