The Winery

Cantina Filippo Brancati is a place that, for several years now, has been carving out a leading role in the world of wine step by step. Located in a region rich in winemaking tradition, our winery represents a pleasant novelty in the Italian wine landscape. Founded on a passion for wine, it is emerging as an interesting and promising reality. Welcome to the world of authentic flavors and the emotions that only a glass of high-quality wine can provide.
The “Carcare Rosso”: An Authentic Expression of the Territory

One of the flagship wines that emerges from our winery is the “Carcare Rosso.” This organic wine, primarily produced from the Nerello grape variety, is a true representation of our territory, offering fragrant aromas of red fruits and a round and elegant taste. The vines are cultivated at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level, on terraced soils, with a yield of 60 quintals per hectare. Manual harvesting and fermentation in stainless steel tanks contribute to creating a wine of extraordinary complexity that captures the authenticity of our roots.

In addition to the “Carcare Rosso”

Cantina Filippo Brancati doesn’t limit itself to just the “Carcare Rosso.” We also offer the “Carcare Bianco,” a refined Chardonnay, and the “Carcare Rosa,” a fresh and elegant rosé. These wines, also sourced from our vines cultivated at 100 meters above sea level, testify to the commitment and dedication of our winery in creating unique wines.

Exploring the Terroir of Carcare

The name “Carcare” is a key to unlocking the secret behind the extraordinary characteristics of our wines. This enchanting location is blessed with limestone and clay-rich soil, which forms the foundation of the personality of our wines. This unique soil provides an ideal habitat for our vines, significantly influencing the character of our winemaking products.

The Vineyards

The agricultural lands of our company are located in the Grecanica Calabrese Area, a rural environment of great charm. Here, amidst vineyards, bergamot groves, and olive trees, the Mediterranean climate prevails, characterized by rainy winters and dry summers. The vineyards, situated at an altitude of approximately 100 meters above sea level, grow on clayey soils that, although challenging, yield grapes of the highest quality. Currently, the company covers a vineyard area of about three hectares dedicated to the Nerello Calabrese, Alicante, and Chardonnay grape varieties.

Quality Vineyards and Unique Terrain

The arrangement of our vineyards is precise, with row spacing of 0.80 meters and 2.25 meters between rows. Cultivation primarily follows the spurred cordon system, except for Chardonnay, which adheres to the bilateral Guyot method. Our company embraces organic farming, adopting practices that reduce environmental impact while preserving product quality. Soil management includes winter and early spring tillage to improve fertility, and summer mechanical weeding to protect the crops and prepare the soil for manual harvesting. In this setting, the winery represents an authentic oenological experience, a blend of tradition and terroir, resulting in high-quality wines in harmony with nature.